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GFM Spezialmaschinenbau GmbH
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Manufacturing systems for Table Cloths

Tailor-made systems optionally available with an automatic transfer to a packaging machine and various embossing, printing or folding stations.

●  Unrolling
●  Winding
●  Embossing
●  Folding
●  Cutting
●  Transferring
●  Packaging

    Deposit belt
    Deposit device
    Unwind unit
    Unwind stand
    Operator panel
    Bulk stacker
    Printing device
    Lengthways cutter
    Length folding
    Embossing unit
    Cross folding unit
    Cross cutter
    Cross cutting unit
    Collecting unit
    Cutting unit
    Conveyor belt
    Hand over
    Packaging machine
    Feeding unit

    PE Foil
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