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GFM Spezialmaschinenbau GmbH
GFM Spezialmaschinenbau GmbH
Lohausstraße 22
45721 Haltern am See

Phone: +49 (0)23 64 / 5 08 98-0
Fax:     +49 (0)23 64 / 5 08 98-11
Welcome to GFM Spezialmaschinenbau GmbH

GFM Spezialmaschinenbau - your partner for pioneering manufacturing and packaging solutions for disposable products used in the medical field, the hygienic industry and the catering sector.

We want to introduce ourselves to you as a globally operating machine building company, manufacturing special purpose machines and implementing optimized automation solutions for fabricating and packaging of your products – our service either comprehends feasibility studies concerning production automation, step-by-step upgrading of the existing level of automation, or accomplishing an entire turn-key fabrication systems from one source.

Our customers are worldwide utilizing production lines, consisting of folding machines and folding systems for nonwoven, paper, foil, or compound materials, special purpose machines for disposable products, packaging machines for medical kits and sets or hygienic products, coffee filter machines, wet wipes machines, laminating machines or special packaging machines, which are made by GFM Spezialmaschinenbau.

Please, behold the following pages to get a convincing impression of our range of capability.

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  to produce automatically?
    Triangular Cloths
    Wet Wipes
    Mayo Stand Covers
    Coffee Filter
    Laminated Compound Materials
    Chef Hats
    Headrest Covers
    Draw Sheets
    Surgical Drapes
    Surgical Sets / Set Packs
    Beer Collars
    Sponge Cloths
    Shoe Covers
    Table Cloths
    Place Mats
    Toilet Seat Covers
    Examination Gowns
    Nonwoven Swabs
    Warming Blankets
    Washing Gloves


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